Hawle screw-type surface box for gate valve, height adjustable, with locking bolt

The Hawle screw-type surface box for gate valves is to be used for installation in bituminous traffic areas. Height adjustment is achieved through the male thread permitting a continuous adjustment to road level.

When installing the bituminous base course a "meshing" is created with the coarse male thread of the box. Via this meshing the traffic load is discharged into the base course. This bond ensures that the surface box remains on the same level as the road surface. By heating the surface box the height position can be adjusted upward and downward using a special turning tool (model no. 597). Compared to conventional surface boxes the angle seat at the cover and the box provides for reduced rattling of the cover.

To avoid contact corrosion between the cover and the box, on the one hand, and to ensure that the cover comes loose easily, on the other hand, the latter is powder-coated.

Material: Surface box: GJS-400, bituminized
Cover: GJS-400, Hawle epoxy powder coated
Positioning pin: stainless steel
Medium Water / Gas / Sewage
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Medium Weight Specification Basket
225 mm 142 mm 270 mm W Cap complete 16,70 kg
225 mm 142 mm 270 mm GAS Cap complete 16,70 kg
225 mm 142 mm 270 mm AW Cap complete 16,70 kg
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