Surface box for valves rigid version

The Hawle surface box for valves is preferably used for installation in paved traffic areas. For height adjustment extension rings model no. 181 can be put on.

Compared with conventional surface boxes the angle seat at the box and the cover reduces the rattling tendency of the cover.

To avoid contact corrosion between the cover and the box, on the one hand, and to ensure that the cover can be loosened easily, the latter is powder coated.

Material: Surface box: GJL-250, bituminized
Cover: GJS-400, Hawle epoxy powder coated
Medium Water
Order Nr.

d 4

d 1

Cover inscription

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Medium Weight Specification Basket
95 mm   W   cover     1,40 kg
  170 mm W 82 mm complete surface box 120 mm 220 mm 7,00 kg
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