Manhole cover

The manhole cover model no. 205-00 is suitable for installation in paved traffic areas.

There are 2 design variants:

model no. 2050000003:
For Combi valves compatible with the W├╝rttemberg chamber system. For actuation of the extension spindles for gate valves the "big" cover has to be opened. If only the hydrant is to be operated it is sufficient to open the integral hydrant cover.

Material: Frame/cover:
GJS 400/500, primed and lacquered

Absorber ring:
Medium Water / Sewage
Order Nr.
Medium Weight Specification Basket
  Manhole cover "Air valve set 985" 177,00 kg
1) Manhole cover "hydrant" 176,00 kg
Wish List
Manhole cover with integrated hydrant cover for Combi valve. A damper ring between lit and frame prevents contact corrosion and ensures light detachability.
Article Nr.
Product description
204-09 Concrete base plate for manhole cover model no. 205