Manhole cover for Hawle water meter chamber

The manhole cover (205-01) is used to cover the Hawle water meter chamber and is preferably installed in sidewalks, driveways to premises, pedestrian zones, and comparable parking areas for passenger cars. The telescopic tube fixed to the cover/frame allows a height compensation of 0 - 30 cm at the installed water meter shaft.

The integrated absorber ring on the cover prevents contact corrosion between the cover and the box, on the one hand, and provides for easy loosening of the cover, on the other hand. To ensure a safe load transfer, a special base plate (Ord. No. 204.000.2059) has been developed.

Material: Cover/frame: GJS-400
Telesopic tube of manhole cover: PE
Medium Water
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d 1

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Medium Weight Specification Basket
585 mm 500 mm B 125 455 mm Wasserz├Ąhler - Water meter 51,00 kg
585 mm 500 mm A 15 455 mm   39,20 kg
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Suitable base plate for manhole cover Ord. No. 204.000.2059