Surface box with cover, round

The Hawle surface box is preferably used for installation in paved traffic areas. For height adjustment extension rings (model no. 211-00) can be put on.

The absorber ring between the cover and the box prevents contact corrosion between the cover and the box, on the one hand, and ensures easy loosening as well as reduced rattling tendency of the cover, on the other hand.

There are 3 design variants.

Model no. 2110000000: for air valve sets (model no. 992)

Model no. 2110000001: for hydrants, instead of an oval surface box

Model no. 2110000003: for butterfly valves, instead of a surface box for gate valves

Material: GJL-250, primed and black lacquered
Positioning pin: stainless steel
Medium Water
Order Nr.

d 1

d 2

d 3


Cover inscription

Medium Weight Specification Basket
525 mm 270 mm 370 mm 250 mm Be- und Entl├╝ftung Cap complete 47,60 kg
525 mm 270 mm 370 mm 250 mm Hydrant Cap complete 47,60 kg
525 mm 270 mm 370 mm 250 mm Klappe Cap complete 47,60 kg
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