The modular HAWLE Combiflex is available in dimensions DN 250 and DN 300 up to PN 16. It can be tailored to suit on-site
requirements. For horizontal outlets, there are various valves (with full passage reduced to DN 200 or DN 150) available
with ZAK 46 sockets and tried-and-tested E2 valve technology as well as suitable end caps with ZAK 69 sockets.

The vertical outlet can optionally be fitted with a flanged outlet in DN 100 or DN 150 and facilitates full access for service and maintenance work on the supply network or mounting of an air valve or hydrant. All components can be attached for any necessary changes to the HAWLE Combiflex using existing man holes.

Product description
- Modular Combi-valve system enables flexible assembly arrangements
- Standardized compact construction regardless of valve configuration
- Outstanding corrosion protection
- Several, unique access points for sensors, service work and connections.
- Comprehensive range of interchangeable ZAK connection possibility in every module
- Unique design facilitates easy, rapid exchange of any module
- E2 accessories and spare parts can be used

Picture description

1 Soft seated E2 Valve in DN 250 or DN 300 according to EN1074 – 1 and 2

3 Molybdenum coated, A4 type clamping ring bolts 4/11 ZAK 69 (4) or ZAK 46 (11) outlet connections

2/5/7/ Hawle Combifl ex vertical outlet (2) optionally

9/10 DN 100 or DN 150, end cap (5), clamping ring (7), middle section (9), E2 body (10) reduced in DN 150 and DN 200: GJS-400, epoxy powder coated

6 Hawle Combiflex mounting frame: GJS-400,epoxy powder coated, with ring bolts for fastening hoists

8 Quality seal

12 Aluminium operating cap with turn direction indicator (optional)

13 Duplex stainless steel spindle

14 Vertical outlet with affi xed fl at elastomer gaske

Max. operating Pressure: Potable water: 10 bar
Potable water: 16 bar
Medium Water
Order Nr.


Type / Outlet
Medium Weight Specification Basket
250/300 individuell konfigurierbar 240,00 kg
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For orders use form "Combiflex"

Connectgion version "WS", respectivly "WS/T" on request.

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