Operating lock for Hawle extension spindles

Hawle operating locks prevent the operation of Hawle extension spindles with conventional operating keys.

Material: Body: plastic
Inside parts: stainless steel
Medium Water / Gas / Sewage
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Suitable for
Medium Weight Specification Basket
rigid extension spindles for Hawle service valves (model number 910-00, 910-01) 0,07 kg
telescopic extension spindles for Hawle service valve (model number 960-00, 960-01, 962-00, 962-01) 0,06 kg
extension spindles for Hawle valves DN50-DN200 and extension spindle for Hawle butterfly valves (model number 900-00, 900-01, 950-00, 952-00) 0,33 kg
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For operation special adaptors are required!

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Product description
903-01 Operating adaptor