Air valve for sewage water and drinking water

The air valve (AV) with with big release cross section and patented roll-on joint membrane is perfectly suitable to release major amounts of air. The valve seat is not in contact with the medium. The AV operates at continuously variable pressure from 0.2 - 16 bar. The roll-on membrane and the spring mechanism absorb water hammers.

The integral flushing connection serves for maintenance purposes. By connecting a flushing line, dirt can be flushed out of of the AV easily and quickly. In case of major dirt, the function unit has to be dismantled, cleaned and re-installed.

The AV is provided with a ventilation hood as a standard feature. Optionally, the AV can be provided with an adaptor to connect a sufficiently dimensioned vent line (to be provided by the customer) instead of the ventilation hood.

Please note: AVs contain compressed air. Prior to any maintenance work AVs shall be put out of operation and depressurized via a ball valve!

Technical data:
Max. air release capacity: 2,200 m³/h
Max. air release cross section: 8,150 mm²
Continuous in-service ventilation: 440 m³/h
Operating range: 0.2 - 16 bar
Outlet: flange acc. to EN 1092-2

Material: AV body: stainless steel
Valve basket: POM
Dirt deflector: PP
Float spindle: stainless steel
Pressure spring: stainless steel
Float: stainless steel
Max. operating Pressure: See table
Medium Water / Sewage
Order Nr.


Operating pressure max.




B max.


Medium Weight Specification 3D Basket
3) 4) Surcharge for version potable water                 0,00 kg
    100 16 bar 10/16 273 mm 86 mm 273 mm 702 mm 321 mm 36,82 kg
1)   150 16 bar 10/16 273 mm 86 mm 285 mm 702 mm 321 mm 39,95 kg
2)   200 10 bar 10 273 mm 86 mm 340 mm 702 mm 321 mm 43,20 kg
2)   200 16 bar 16 273 mm 86 mm 340 mm 702 mm 321 mm 43,50 kg
Wish List
Diameter of air valve: 270 mm, diameter of flange: 285 mm
Diameter of air valve: 270 mm, diameter of flange: 340 mm

When a vent pipe is connected, please order also transition adaptor Ord. No. 988 900 0000 in addition to the valve.

Surchage ballvalve for potable water order nr. 986 100 0060