E3 gate valve - next Hawle valve generation

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We at Hawle are happy to announce our next Hawle valve generation – our E3 gate valves. This revised, cutting-edge valve design will gradually replace the previous E2 valves. Originally, we planned to present them at IFAT in May 2020, but regrettably, the current health crisis forces us to do this presentation by email instead.

The tried and trusted E2 valve design has received a technological update, which resulted in the following improvements in E3 valve design:

- Wedge and wedge nut fully vulcanized
- Double bayonet O-ring carrier
- Duplex stainless steel spindle
- Extended and improved edge protection

We will immediately start E3 valve production and gradually transition from E2 to E3 depending on product and nominal diameter. The transition is scheduled according first in first out principle at shipping.

The new E3 gate valves will also receive new article numbers (except for E3 combi gate valves).

Please find attached a brochure (German language) and an overview on the old and new article numbers as well as prices. The E3 versions are colour coded. The price remains identical to the E2 version. Please note the 2020 surcharge of 2.9 % when applicable.


The transition schedule is as follows:

Nominal diameter DN100 -> Week 19/20
Nominal diameter DN150 -> Week 20/20
Nominal diameter DN50 -> Week 24/20
Nominal diameter DN80 -> Week 28/20
Nominal diameter DN200 -> Week 38/20

The E2 design of nominal diameters DN250 and DN300 will be available until October/ November 2020. For now, we will further only transition the drinking water version to E3 while the gas version will remain E2 until further notice.

Please note further, that we will not accept returned E2 gate valves in the course of this transition.
Please do not hesitate to contact your usual Hawle contact for any questions that might arise.


product information - E3-gate valve