BAIO® base plate for gate valve surface box

The BAIO® base plate for gate valve surface boxes (model no. 200-00, model no. 200-01, model no. 200-02, model no. 207-01) serves the purpose of centring the surface boxes and reliably fixing the Hawle telescopic extension spindles in case of confined installation situations (e.g. double junctions).

The base plate is made of break-proof, stable and rot-proof material. The low weight of the base plate ensures an easy and uncomplicated installation.

Without much effort, the individual base plates can be assembled as needed for the respective installation situation.

Installation height: 23 mm

Material: Polyamide, glass fibre reinforced
Medium Water / Gas / Sewage
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Medium Weight Specification Basket
400 mm 172 mm 320 mm 0,89 kg
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