Socket fitting with steel tail - BAIO® system

The socket fitting with steel tail serves as transition fitting from the BAIO® system to GGG and steel pipes by means of welding technology (e.g. for later placing and drilling of hydrants with BAIO® spigot ends).

With one steel welding tail, and with one BAIO® double function socket for the restraint connection with BAIO® spigot ends and for connecting DCI, steel, PE and PVC pipes.

Gaskets for the medium water:
DCI pipes: BLD® gasket
PE/PVC pipes: GKS gasket

Gaskets for the medium gas:
Gas-resistant DCI pipe gasket or gas-resistant GKS gasket (PVC pipe, 5 bar) required

Material: Steel casting, Hawle epoxy powder coated
Max. operating Pressure: Gas: 5 bar
Potable water: 16 bar
Medium Water / Gas

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