Rigid extension spindle (type S) for service valve and valve saddle

Hawle extension spindles (type S) serve the purpose of operating Hawle service valves in underground pipeline construction.

Via the round threaded cover the extension spindle is screwed clockwise onto the round thread (round thread adaptor) of the shut-off valve.

This has the advantage that the torque is transferred from the coupling socket to the spindle square, making the additional pinning of the coupling socket of the extension spindle and the spindle of the shut-off valve unnecessary.

Especially in case of cohesive soils care shall be taken that the valve and the extension spindle are properly back-filled with sand to ensure frost resistance.

For operation, operating keys are suitable. Extensions and similar are not permitted.

For telescopic extension spindles see model no. 960-00.

Material: Round threaded cover: GJL-250, Hawle epoxy powder coated
Spindle head and coupling socket: GJS-400, galvanized
Spindle shaft: steel, galvanized
Pipe sleeve: PE-HD
Medium Water / Gas / Sewage
Order Nr.

Pipe cover depth

Square of spindle
Medium Weight Specification Basket
0,80 12,3 mm 1,90 kg
1,00 12,3 mm 2,50 kg
1,25 12,3 mm 2,50 kg
1,30 12,3 mm 2,65 kg
1,50 12,3 mm 2,75 kg
1,60 12,3 mm 3,25 kg
1,70 12,3 mm 3,35 kg
1,80 12,3 mm 3,80 kg
2,00 12,3 mm 4,00 kg
2,50 12,3 mm 5,00 kg
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