Air valve HaVentĀ® for potable water PN 16

The air valve with unique roll-on membrane is perfectly suitable to release major amounts of air under operating pressure. Moreover, the roll-on membrane and the spring mechanism absorb water hammers.

The air valve operates continuously from 0 to 16 bar, perfectly gasket even when unpressurized.

Please note: air valves contain compressed air. Prior to any maintenance work the air valve shall be put out of operation and depressurized!

Max. air release capacity: 860 mĀ³/h
Max. Release cross section: 1,500 mmĀ²
Max. ventilation cross: 200 mmĀ²

Max. Operating range: 0 ā€“ 16 bar

Following special functions on request:
- With closing aid (see "Technical description")
- Only air release / air intake
- With outlet elbow (model no. 9878001310) with two male threads for the connection of an exhaust line
- Ball valve for pressure relief

Material: Material of body: stainless steel
Float: PP
Gaskets: EPDM
Max. operating Pressure: Potable water: 16 bar
Medium Water
Order Nr.

Working range



Medium Weight Specification Basket
0 - 16 Flange DN 50 455 mm 154 mm 14,00 kg
0 - 16 Flange DN 80 455 mm 154 mm 14,40 kg
0 - 16 Flange DN 100 455 mm 154 mm 14,50 kg
0 - 16 female 2" 420 mm 154 mm 11,00 kg
Wish List

In case of version with closing aid, please include also model no. 009.878.1570 in addition to the valve!