Knife gate valve HaPUR® with PUR-coated shut-off blade

The resilient-seated knife gate valve HaPUR® (Ord. No. 392-00) with straight-through bore has been conceived for municipal sewage water disposal and can be used both in plants and in manholes. The particularly smooth-running actuation of the HaPUR® knife gate valve can be effected via handwheel, shut-off key, extension set, or electric actuator. (A knife gate valve variant with pneumatic actuator is being prepared.)

The gate valve can be installed both between two flanges, and at the end of a pipeline. Due to the hexagonal recesses for nuts, the gate valve can also be used later as an end valve, for example, in case of pipe rehabilitation. The polyurethane-coated shut-off blade of the knife gate valve seals directly at the body. When worn, the sealing package can be exchanged without dismantling the gate valve.

The completely polyurethane-coated shut-off blade is highly resistant to oil and chemicals and well protected against corrosion. Moreover, the shut-off blade is UV-resistant, cut-resistant, wear-resistant and break-proof.

Face-to-face dimension:
Standard series 20 acc. to DIN EN 558-1

Flange mating dimensions: acc. To EN 1092-2

Material: Body: GJS 400-15
Spindle: stainless steel
Spindle nut: red brass
Shut-off blade: S235 PUR-coated
Gaskets: NBR
Sliding disk: POM GF
Max. operating Pressure: 10 bar
Medium Sewage
Order Nr.



d 1






Square of spindle
Medium Weight Specification 3D Basket
100 10 24 mm 52 mm 205 mm 38 mm 460 mm 350 mm 17,3 mm 14,55 kg
150 10 25 mm 56 mm 260 mm 38 mm 585 mm 440 mm 19,3 mm 24,50 kg
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