Cut-in socket fitting with BAIO® spigot end and Synoflex socket

The Hawle BAIO® system is also being increasingly used for the restoration of existing pipe networks.

The cut-in socket fitting with BAIO® spigot end and Synoflex multi-range socket can be used for integrating valves and fittings of the Hawle BAIO® system retrospectively into cast iron, steel, PE, PVC and AC pipes. The cut-in socket fitting is equipped on the one hand with a BAIO® spigot end for a positive connection with BAIO couplings and on the other hand with a Synoflex multi-range socket for a high-quality restraint connection of pipes made of cast iron, PE, PVC and steel.

ATTENTION: When joining AC pipes, there is no restraint connection (concrete abutment).

- Bolt head anti-twist locking device
- Angle compensation max. (+/- 4┬░ per socket)
- Bolts reversible 180┬░

Material: Housing:
Hawle epoxy powder coating
Gaskets: EPDM in accordance with DVGW (German Association for Gas and Water) W 270
Nuts/screws: stainless steel
Synoflex support element ring: POM
Synoflex grip: steel

Max. operating Pressure: Potable water: 16 bar
Sewage water: 16 bar
Medium Water / Sewage
Order Nr.





Sliding clearance S
Medium Weight Specification 3D Basket
200 230 - 260 mm 880 mm 150 mm 420 - 450 mm 58,00 kg
250 265 - 310 mm 885 mm 155 mm 420 - 450 mm 65,00 kg
300 313 - 356 mm 920 mm 165 mm 450 - 490 mm 99,50 kg
Wish List

When connecting PE pipes a support liner (model no. 590) must be used.

Displacement range S: depending on pipe diameter