Air valve of plastic

The air valve of plastic featuring the unique roll-on membrane technology (Ord. No. 989-00) is perfectly suitable for taking in and releasing major amounts of air during filling or draining of pipelines and for continuous in-service ventilation. The valve seat is not in contact with the medium.

The air valve operates continuously from 0 to 6 bar, reliably sealing when unpressurized.

The low weight af the air valve of PA allows an easy and quick installation. Moreover, via the profile clamp of stainless steel the valve can be quickly opened and closed in case of maintenance and/or cleaning.

Max. air release capacity: female thread 3", Flansch DN 80 = 260 m³/h
Flansch DN 50 = 166 m³/h
Operating range: 0-6 bar
Max. ventilation cross: 480 mm²

Special functions on request:
- Air intake only or air release only
- With outlet elbow for connecting a Hawle exhaust air kit for air valves

Material: Body: PA
Float: PP
Outlet elbow: PE with strainer
Max. operating Pressure: See table
Medium Sewage
Order Nr.

Flange DN

Operating pressure max.

Female thread (IG)




Medium Weight Specification 3D Basket
50 Waste water: 6 bar   291 mm 55 mm 500 mm 475 mm 11,00 kg
  Waste water: 6 bar 3" 291 mm 55 mm 460 mm 435 mm 5,12 kg
80 Waste water: 6 bar   291 mm 55 mm 495 mm 470 mm 13,50 kg
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