Air release stop for air valve „986-00“, "989-00", "989-01" and air valve set "985-00"

In some cases of application it is necessary, in addition to the "normal" pumping process, to blow air into the pressure line through a compressor or pressure tank to scour out the line. In these cases we recommend using an air release stop, which is factory-installed on the outlet elbow of the air valve (also possible later when already installed).

The air release stop is inactive during the "normal" pumping process. If very high air quantities are supplied to the pressure line, the air release stop will respond mechanically, closing the air valve. After the scouring process the air valve returns to its "normal" operating state.

1. for check valve for arv set "986-00", "989-00", "989-01"
2. for check valve for arv set "985-00"

Material: Body and gasket cone: POM

Axle/spring/adjusting nut:
stainless steel
Max. operating Pressure: Sewage water: 16 bar
Medium Sewage
Order Nr.
Medium Weight Specification Basket
  check valve for arv set "985-00" 0,90 kg
1) check valve for arv set "986-00" 0,70 kg
Wish List
In case of retrofitting please order PE angle bracket model no. 9864000155 additionally.