Air valve for sewage water PN 10

The automatic air release and vacuum valve with unique roll-on membrane is perfectly suitable to release major amounts of air under operating pressure, an aerate pipelines under vacuum conditions.The automatic air release valve seat is not in contact with the medium. The air valve operates continuously from 0 to 10 bar, perfectly sealing even when unpressurized. The roll-on membrane and the spring mechanism absorb water surges.

The air release valve is provided with a flushing connection. By connecting a flushing line, dirt can be flushed out of the air valve easily and quickly. In case of major dirt, the interiors have to be dismantled, cleaned and re-installed.

Please note: Air release valves contain compressed air. Prior to any maintenance work air release valves shall be put out of operation and depressurized via the ball valve!

Max. ventilation cross: 480 mm²
Max. air release capacity: 170 m³/h
Operating range: infinitely variable from 0 - 10 bar
Connection: female thread 2"

Following special functions on request:
- Only air release
- Only air intake
- Air release stop: for lines purged with compressed air (note: reduced air release capacity)
- Outlet elbow AG 1 1/2"

Material: Air valve body: stainless steel
Valve basket: POM
Float rod/pressure spring: stainless steel
Float: PP
Outlet elbow: PE 100 with strainer of stainless steel
Max. operating Pressure: Sewage water: 10 bar
Medium Sewage
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Medium Weight Specification 3D Basket
10 female 2" 260 mm 62 mm 470 mm 445 mm 15,90 kg
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