Freeflow underground hydrant with duckfoot bend

Because of the separation of operating and medium pipe the Hawle underground hydrant with integrally cast duckfoot bend features considerably better hydraulic conditions in open position than hydrants with conventional shut-off function via valve plug. Compared to conventional underground hydrants, the compact design ensures an extremely low dead water quantity and also permits easy and quick installation. Shut-off is effected via a shut-off blade of stainless steel. The shut-off blade is moved horizontally against fixed metal stops in a housing via eccentric mechanism and gear at low wear.

Q = 153 m┬│/h at 1 bar pressure difference
Min. cross section: 70 mm
Outlet: BAIO®, restraint loose flange
Opening/closing: 15 revolutions
Drain-off function: acc. to DIN EN 1074-6

When pipe fittings are to be connected to the type with horizontal BAIO® spigot end outlet, the twist lock device Ord. No. 529 (see supplementary products) shall be used.

Material: Cast components: GJS-400, Hawle epoxy powder coated
Medium pipe: stainless steel, Hawle epoxy powder coated
Spindle/shut-off blade/shut-off blade driving mechanism: stainless steel
Protection jacket: PP (polypropylene)
Sealings: EPDM acc. to DVGW W 270
Max. operating Pressure: Potable water: 16 bar
Medium Water
Order Nr.


Pipe cover depth




Medium Weight Specification Basket
80 1,00 Spigot end 1010 mm 420 mm 320 mm 44,80 kg
80 1,25 Spigot end 1260 mm 420 mm 320 mm 46,00 kg
80 1,50 Spigot end 1510 mm 420 mm 320 mm 48,00 kg
80 1,00 Flange 1010 mm 420 mm 320 mm 47,00 kg
80 1,25 Flange 1260 mm 420 mm 320 mm 49,00 kg
80 1,50 Flange 1510 mm 420 mm 320 mm 51,00 kg
Wish List

Special lengths on request.

Alternatively: version with push-on cover (factory mounted) Order No.: 490.080.0520

Breakaway assembly/predetermined breaking point (Order-No. 490 080 0520)

Surcharge for suction drainage device (Ord. No.: 491.080.0505) for installation in ground water)

On request also available as "height adjustable" version or as tele hydrant.

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