Pipe Entry Connection for cable and potable water pipes

- Pipe entry conduit for cable and potable water pipes OD 25 to 45 mm - Good for concrete walls up to 400 mm thickness, and drilling diameter   for masonry: 65 to 70 mm - Sealing between cable and pipe entry - conduit by shrinkable tubing - Easy handling, low weight - Quick installation - Length: 700 mm (shortable...


Hawle PRO-Butterfly Valve with loose flanges

- Pressure proportional operating sealing - Two restraint loose flanges - Simple storage due to exchangeable loose flanges (PN 10/16) - Medium: Potable water - Max. operating pressure: 16 bar - Nominal sizes: DN 150 to DN 600


Optifil - automatic backwash filter

- Filter system for fine particles and turbidities - Filter pore size 1 µm to 150 µm - Filter mesh of stainless steel - All materials suitable for use with water and food - Backwash without interruption of filtration - Minimum amount of backwash medium needed - Different body sizes for flow rates 20 bis 600 m³/h - Quick...


Waste Water Valve with knife gate and loose flanges

- Spindle has no contact to medium - Reliable, leak-tight shut-off function by means of blade and o-ring seal - Ideal for pressure lines in burried installation - Top section can be replaced under pressure - Loose flange system:  - no dismantling piece necessary  - ideal for rehabilitation jobs - Medium: Waste...


Hawle R1-Hydrant DN 150

- Operation by vulcanized ringcylinder system - Very low operating torque - Stone trap-prevent demage at ringcylinder shut-off - Stand pipe rotatable 360° - Hydrant head rotatable 360° - High discharge capacity while shut-off - Outlet options:              - 2 x B   ...


Predetermined breaking point for Hawle underground hydrant

• The predetermined breaking point consists of a support sleeve, screws with predetermined breaking point and safety screws made from stainless steel. • Max. operating pressure: 16 bar


Ball check valve

• Loose flange:- Ideal for replacing existing valves- No need for dismantling joint for new installation• Hinged cover with joint function:- Easy to install and remove- No risk of screw/nut/washer falling into shaft• Stainless steel drainage opening:- For emptying or cleaning the ball check valve• Body material: GJS-400/Hawle...

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