Universal Hawlinger with horizontal ZAK® socket in pipe direction

Universal Hawlingers are to be used for installation on DCI, steel, and AC pipes DN 65 - DN 500. Adaptation to the main pipe is effected via holding strap and saddle gasket (model no. 310 or model no. 311) of the appropriate nominal width.

In combination with the ZAK® spigot end fittings, the upper ZAK® socket outlets are used to connect service lines.

All Hawle pipe drilling saddles type Hawlinger are provided with a shut-off blade of stainless steel driven via slotted link gear as shut-off device. The shut-off blade is moved in a housing at low wear in horizontal direction against fixed metal stops.

To open or close the outlet area only one half revolution (180┬░) is required. In combination with a drilling device (e.g. Hawle drilling device HAWLOMAT, model no. 830) the shut-off system permits the easy under pressure drilling of the main line.

Material: Body: GJS-400, Hawle epoxy powder coated
Spindle, shut-off device,
shut-off blade: stainless steel
Gaskets: EPDM for potable water or NBR for gas
Max. operating Pressure: Gas: 5 bar
Potable water: 16 bar
Medium Water / Gas
Order Nr.


Upper outlet






Borehole max.
Medium Weight Specification 3D Basket
drainage fuction on request               0,00 kg
  ZAK 34 170 mm 200 mm 110 mm 68 mm 60 mm 24 mm 4,70 kg
  ZAK 46 225 mm 200 mm 120 mm 82 mm 65 mm 36 mm 6,10 kg
Surcharge for spindle bore               0,00 kg
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Product numbers for gas on request.

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